What are Pay per Click Programs?

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pay per click programs

In a nutshell, pay per click programs serve ads that an advertiser only pays for if someone clicks on it. This is a very cost effective arrangement for someone who’s marketing a product since the product gets the exposure it needs without paying for it outright. It also helps that a limit can be typically set on most pay per click programs.

One of the most commonly used pay per click programs (PPC) is Google’s Adwords. It’s ubiquitous on the Web. It is the network used by default on most sites and blogs since it has the biggest number of viewers. Anyone who uses their search engine will be served relevant PPC ads when the results are displayed. This is how they earn from their free search engine service.

There are other companies that offer similar services. There’s Bing Ads, Youtube’s video ads, and blog networks that also utilize this income model. These sites are all very popular and receive a consistently high amount of traffic. This ensures that the ads they host are exposed to a large number of people.

Speaking of large numbers of people, Facebook has already instituted a PPC program on their site. With just over a billion people on it, it is one of the biggest ad networks online today. They also offer targeted PPC ads that are based on cost.

Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, PPC can really help you earn online. Customers, subscribers and visitors can all be successfully monetized with the efficient use of PPC programs.

These are some of the most popular PPC programs on Web:

Google’s Adwords – their traffic comes from people who use their search engines which is the most commonly used in the world. Your ads are displayed whenever a person searches for keyword that you choose. Costs vary depending on the popularity of the keyword. For example, “life insurance” is a very popular search term used by hundreds of thousands of people. If you choose to have your ad served whenever this term is used in a search request then you are guaranteed exposure to that same number of people.

Youtube – they are owned by Google and has become one of their top earners after successful monetization. People who view videos are served ads that are either part of the video, overlaid on the bottom of the video screen or as a part of the design on that video’s page. These ads are related to the subject and keywords of the video and they are usually relevant to the viewer. Costs follow a similar model to Adwords. If you watch videos on Youtube, you might see a video

Facebook – Ads are targeted based on what you’ve liked and your friend’s likes. It also takes into account what groups you’re a member of. Cost depends a lot on the popularity of the keywords you’ve chosen. Facebook is also able to target demographics more precisely as you can set the age and location of the users you want to receive the ads.

Mouse PointerThere are blog networks who offer PPC too. Since they feature specific topics, they usually have a reliable idea on what demographic visits their sites. There are blog networks that are popular with gamers and are a great place for game publishers to put ads on. They sell the ad space or the PPC program directly to the advertisers.

Ad networks don’t have their own websites; instead they act as middle man between publishers and advertisers. A blog owner might add the code that serves PPC ads on their site. The Ad network is then responsible for managing what ad comes up and how the blog owner is paid. Examples are the Nuffnang and Adbrite network.

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What are Pay per Click Programs?
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