Web Security – Creating Good Passwords & Web Security Stats [Infographic]

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Web Security - Creating Good Passwords & Web Security Stats Infographic

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The best advice anyone can give you on how to protect your online accounts, privacy, and finances will be to use a good old strong password.

If you do not have a strong password, your online account will be a prime and vulnerable target for hackers, and there is a really good chance that they will hack it easily.

A good strong password is something that is unique, uncommon and difficult to guess. Here are a few things you should know about making a strong password.

- A long one. It is obvious that the longer the password, the more characters it has, thus the more difficult it is to get hacked. Also, very few people use long passwords, so using a long one means having an uncommon password.

- No familiar words or names like princess, monkey, seinfeld,
jordan23, or your own name; qwerty, the first five letters of the keyboard is also one most commonly used passwords online. They should not be used.

- It uses both capital letters and numerals. This means that the password contains all possible characters available, and it will result in a unique and unfamiliar password which hackers will find difficult to guess.

- The password is different from the other passwords you use in different websites. This is a way to safeguard your other online accounts in case one of them gets hacked.

- It is also advisable that the password is changed every few months.

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Web Security – Creating Good Passwords & Web Security Stats [Infographic]
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  1. A good password means a lot of different passwords, which can lead to a password loss because of memory loss.

  2. It is very useful direction to protect any oneline account. The article has strongly described the way of creating strong password. I absolutely recommended it A++++++++++.

  3. its good to secure our id and password to any website specially in social network sites , to identity theft are common nowadays good article highly recommended.

  4. Security is always the most important thing for me whenever going to the web and creating and signing up to account specially the ones that are very important. I did few mistakes and used the exact same passwords on most account and I got hacked. This time I knew better and will definitely follow your advise.

  5. This is a great infographic! Passwords are the achilles heel of many people's profiles since there is no enough randomness to avoid potential brute force attacks. By following the tips in this article, you can increase the safety of your profiles. Thanks again!

  6. SEO is one of the toughest parts in building a website. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to do it right.

  7. awesome……

  8. Hey this is a great article in that it is imperative that you need to protect all of your online accounts with strong passwords. Using simple easy to guess ID'S can lead to ID Theft & other unpleasant issues.

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