Universal Private Banking; a Preliminary Review

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Universal Private Banking

Universal Private Banking describes itself as “an international financial institution specializing in investment and wealth management that is launching the first worldwide bank in network marketing.”

It is currently on phase 1 of their pre-launch, with the grand launch sometime this June 2013.  However, they have already gathered a significant following especially in the South American countries. This is likely due to the free sign up and free website that is available until June 9. After this date, they will require a single 1 time payment of $20 to “secure your position in the launch of this incredible Global Binary Network”.

In the meantime, those who have signed up for free are asked to build up their network while waiting for the full launch.

Right off the bat people will probably recognize this as a network marketing company. This is because they use terms like “binary network” and “network marketing”. It is a refreshingly straightforward approach but can turn off some potential leads.

Their main offering is a “Universal Private Banking” Card that looks to be connected with Master Card.  The main feature of the card is a cashback system where you earn a percentage of each purchase done with the card. If the card is fully compatible with the Master Card network then the cashback feature by itself is an excellent selling point.

Their website states that each time the Universal MasterCard is used for withdrawals and purchases, a percentage of the amount is credited to your account. The percentage is further split up and your cut is determined by your level of membership.

A simple binary tree diagram

The incentive program for referrals is based on the type of account a member opens with the company. The higher priced the package the higher your bonus. There’s also a commission based on the number of referrals that have purchased the same type of membership.

One observation about this company is the use of the word Private Banking. Although some “banking” services might become available during the launch, most of the information about Universal Private Banking makes it look more like a cash card  / prepaid credit card company with a very lucrative multi-level marketing program than an online bank.

For veterans of the online network marketing scene, this company’s offerings and promoted rewards will likely raise some red flags. It is interesting to note that on their website, they are promoting themselves with a list of advantages which has an item that says “100% of our customers multiply their fortunes”. I’ll leave you to interpret this for yourself.

To Summarize:

-          Universal Private Banking is a company that markets its services via network marketing. It is currently in a pre-launch phase. They plan to complete their launch by June 17, 2013.

-          They offer a way for its members to make purchases in different countries. They are using a Universal Private Banking branded MasterCard. Rules governing the use of this card are not yet available.

-          A percentage of each purchase is earned back by the user and is split between him and Universal Private Banking.

-          You can earn bonuses from referring people. The system used is a binary system where you need to pair 2 referrals who signed up for the same type of membership.

-          There are also commissions for each level of affiliates recruited by a member.

-          More details about the company are expected to come out after their launch.

As with any new launch, I recommend exercising caution.  There is always a lot of excitement during launch phases and getting too emotionally involved with anything in business is always a recipe for financial disaster – no matter how good or bad the opportunity.

Using a system like SOARnetworks to bring stability and a flexible infrastructure to your business is a good option to manage this, shameless promotion aside :)

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Universal Private Banking; a Preliminary Review
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  1. Join me now http://www.uprivatebanking.com/kikambif.

  2. El primer Banco Privado Universal en Network Marketing. La red mundial de networkers (aun no disponible para residentes de los Estados Unidos).

  3. What happend to UPB? It was not possible to send US$ 20 from India. Now they are asking US$ 120. Does any one knows what happend after sending US$ 20. Did any one get the Master card? Is it working?

  4. http://www.uprivatebanking.com/versachi Saya bergabung Universal Private Banking beberapa waktu lalu dan telah membayar sesuai prosedur sebesar $ 20, tapi tidak bisa login ke “akun”; hanya mendapatkan halaman kosong. Bahkan disuruh membayar lagi sebesar……$100, & 300, …… Apa ini?! Tolong dibantu harus bagaimana dan kemana harus Konfirmasi Pembayaran berikut: Sent Payment: 20.8 USD to account U5225630 from U4594879. Batch: 24872223. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Universal Private Banking U$ 20 – 33297. Transfer. 17.06.13 22:50

  5. I joined Universal Private Banking a while back and paid the $20 last week, but can not now login to the “account”; just getting a blank page. I don’t know whether they are having teething problems, or may be they are a complete scam. There seems to be no means of contacting them. I am now feeling slightly foolish, but still hopeful that something will come of this…. It’ll be a novelty if it does!

  6. I love the concept but could not even register successfully, is it restricted?

  7. I actually just heard of them! I’m not so sure myself…honestly I feel that there are more ways to be profitable rather than getting people in on a system that’s already raising a lot of red flags. I’m doing better with my efforts of making passive and residual income through writing online. Who’d have thought?

  8. This whole system sounds ingenious! I'm in!

  9. bonjour, y a t il un souci pour les souscriptions? Je ne peux pas parrainer des personnes, à la fin on me dit que le code est incorrect. Pouvez me dire si c'est normal svp? Je vous remercie. Au fait , en cas de problème rencontré, il n'y a pas de possibilité de vous contacter sur le tableau de bord (fenetre help).

  10. Universal Private Banking reminds me a bit of how it was at sites like Self Bank Mobile where you can earn monetary rewards from your activities, as well as referring others that do the same. I will have to think about joining this site someday, though I do have my hands full with other downline systems too (like Empower, Traffic Wave, ILiving App, and others). By the way, systems look like always make it look easy when it comes to building a downline and earning, but my question is how do you go about building a downline easily? Just curious.

  11. Universal Private Banking sounds like an interesting opportunity. I like that it gives you cash back for each transaction and that it gives you incentives for referrals. It sounds like a great way to make your money work for you.

  12. the incentive program is genius.

  13. sounds great, I'm in.

  14. So how/where do we sign up for free before the june 9th deadline Eric?

  15. Mario Neno Da uma olhadinha nesse site! Bjos

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