Traditional Marketing Strategies for your Online Businesses

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Traditional Advertising

You’ve got your online business up and running, with a steady stream of good leads. However, you’re conversion rate still isn’t as high as you’d hope it would be. You’re thinking of other strategies to get more sales from your leads. You think to yourself; would traditional marketing be able to help you?

There are several marketing strategies lumped together under “Traditional”. These are some of the few qualities they have in common:

-          Does not involve any type of online communication, resource, or presence.

-          More difficult to track response and return on investment.

-          Cost usually depends on the potential number of people that can be reached

-          Perceived to be able to reach people who are “unconnected”

If you do want to consider using traditional marketing strategies to drum up business, you’ll need to make a serious study of the locales you want to run it in.

Considering Traditional Approaches for Generating Sales

Let’s take print media as an example. It’s been used since writing was first invented. From a simple sign outside the shop door advertising specials, to full page ads in national dailies, print media is the best example of traditional strategy. It hits all the common qualities we listed above.

Its reach is not as wide as it was before since people have turned to online sources for news. However, there are still communities where the daily or weekly paper has a good following.  These are mostly populated by the older generation who are comfortable without computers. We now arrive at one of the criteria we can use if we’re going to consider any form traditional advertising; will it reach the customers I’m targeting?

Cost is another major consideration. Let’s say you want to sell cashback cards in your town and you want to place an ad in a paper to invite people to your networking session. Will the potential income generated through the ad cover the cost of the advertisement?

Finally, one more criteria I suggest you consider is the ability to track people’s response. Figuring out your return on investment from the money you spent on traditional marketing methods can be tricky and time consuming. Maybe you can use a separate email on the ads your send out; or maybe a special promo if someone mentions the ad. Whatever method you use, it’s important to keep track of the results from any marketing campaign you run.


Your Online Business can still benefit from Traditional Marketing.

One of the strengths of traditional marketing is its ability to reach out to people who are unreachable by online marketing. They are from an older generation of people who are fine with not having an online persona or using the internet.  The only way to reach them is through phone or a face to face meeting.

Traditional marketing still has its use for small business owners. It’s still effective in the right situation, but it’s now works more effectively as a complement to online marketing.  You can’t rely on it to move the numbers to the level that will help grow your online business.

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Traditional Marketing Strategies for your Online Businesses
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  1. Print media is, in my opinion, still a very good way of marketing a business. And yes: tracking results can be quite tricky, yet it is doable. Using a different email works well. You could also put a link that is tracked in the newspaper or magazine where you advertised. This way when someone enters your site through that link they get counted as coming from this campaign.

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