The Limits of Unlimited Web Hosting [Infographic]

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The Limits of Unlimited Web Hosting [Infographic]

An introduction to web hosting would require one to understand what web hosting is. Web hosting is a method used by companies or individual people whereby they rent a server to keep their data that is used to display a website accessed through the internet. The server is used to store these websites and any website that is accessible through the internet is hosted in them.

Web hosting varies in different scopes with the most basic being, web page as well as small-scale file hosting where the files stored can easily be uploaded through file transfer protocol. The web pages that store the web information are stored in the web servers and any computer that accesses these data is the web client.

Depending on the budget and need of a person there are several types of web hosting. Some of the most common types include shared web hosting, managed web hosting, server co-location, virtual private server (VPS) hosting and also the free web hosting. It is recommended to evaluate and research on the available types of web hosting before choosing the right one.

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The Limits of Unlimited Web Hosting [Infographic]
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  1. this is quite a good post to spread knowledge around. Now I know what web host is. It is not hard to learn from your post. Thanks.

  2. Heard about webhosting pretty often but I didn't really know, after reading your posting I have a fine understanding of webhosting now, you blog is really easy to understand, hey can you also make a detailed blog on vpn?

  3. after reading this I clearly know what web hosting is. and it also seems very easy to do. I am looking forward to checking up more about this.

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    • agree. not only an expert of web hosting, but an expert of teaching. :)

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