Rippln Mobile App Review: All Hype or Guaranteed Hit?

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Rippln Mobile App

Editor’s note: This review has been updated since it was originally written to reflect new information that has become publicly available about Rippln.

Nothing has made such a huge splash in the Network Marketing field in recent memory than these trends: social media, virality and gamification. These trends put additional traction and staying power into any online marketing campaign. The Rippln App aims to take advantage of these trends by building on them and potentially supercharging their company’s growth.

Rippln’s introduction video points to the massive growth in socially connected apps and mobile devices. From the introduction of email, to the growth of social networking and smart phones, the rapid adoption of these innovations in personal communication is what the company aims to take advantage of.

The mobile app aspect of Rippln is potentially its strongest suit. Games and apps on mobile phones are cheap and easy to pick up. Users who find an app useful will mention it to their friends and even invite them to download the app. Angry Birds and Farmville are a few of the best examples of this recruiting behavior. Rippln aims to incentivize this referral process.

The platform Rippln is creating with their app is not new but it is a proven effective way to distribute content, services or advertising. Once it’s up and running, it is expected to likely go viral due to the combination of gamification and compensation they are building into the system.


Gamification has proven to be a very potent way to recruit users into mobile apps and games. It’s a common strategy especially among popular apps in Facebook. A user is basically rewarded every time he refers a new player to the game. Rippln wants to reward people when they make a referral. However, there is one component missing from this referral process and this brings up one of the concerns about Rippln – how exactly are users rewarded for referrals?

Another concern at this point is the lack of details on what the Rippln App actually does. As I mentioned earlier, the reason why games like Angry Birds or Farmville succeed in getting users to refer them is the promise of in game rewards. Facebook’s user base also grew from massive word of mouth generated by its users. The reward here is the ability to build connections and share experiences with people in your life.

Since the product is in pre-launch, only those in the “inner-circle” know what it’s really about. There is definitely a monetary incentive and payout system in place, but no specifics on the payout plan or if there is any other reward or utility offered by the Rippln App.

The compensation plan details are unavailable at this time except to the members of the inner-circle. They’ve even had them sign NDAs to ensure nothing comes out with the go ahead of the Rippln CEO.  It does sound like the Domestic and Global affiliate status that was mentioned will require a certain level of qualification from those who want to attain it.

Several networking marketing veterans have expressed concern about the lack of information at this stage. Although, the secrecy and build up maybe a part of the viral marketing plan they put into place. It does look like its working because of the huge level of interest it has generated.

Given how fast Rippln has grown, it is sure to stick around for a while.  When you put such big numbers up so fast, they don’t just go away.  Overall the lack of information at this point is not a major issue for many people, for a few reasons:

  • Its all completely free so there is no financial risk for joining
  • The marketing team behind Rippln certainly knows what they are doing are have invested a lot of money to create all the buzz
  • The gamification concept is an extremely powerful business model and has proven very lucrative in other industries
  • Mobile apps are definetly the way of the future so the sooner you can get involved, the better
  • More information is becoming available on a weekly basis so all the questions address thus far will likely be answered soon

red flag

But there is one major concern that will not be going away.  Perhaps the biggest issue with Rippln is trying to stand out from the crowd.  With hundreds of thousands of people pushing the exact same offer, why should people listen to you when the next person they talk to is offering the exact same thing?

You get the exact same website as everyone else.

You get the exact same app as everyone else.

You get the exact same marketing materials as everyone else.

You get the exact same everything as everyone else.

So how do you stand out so you can actually grow your team and your business?  The ONLY way to do this is to offer MORE than everyone else.

You need a customized website and sales funnel.

You need a system your team members can also use.

You need training so the people you bring in actually have a chance at building your business.

You need a support team and community to help you and encourage you.

You need an infrastructure to build your business on.

As far as I know there is only one place you can get this.  When you combine this system with the Rippln opportunity, you will have a much better chance of actually making money.

If you want to learn more about this system and how you can use it to succeed with Rippln, click the link below now:

Watch The Free Video Now





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Rippln Mobile App Review: All Hype or Guaranteed Hit?
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  2. I think Rippln is going to go Huge! Thanks For Sharing This :)

  3. Thanks for letting me know how this app really works.

  4. It’s important for apps to stay on top of social trends.

  5. para poder registrarse aquí están los códigos: JTF2DDWN PJTFMASG H2RPT8Q8 WVKCWHBJ UJNCSG7C

  6. I have to be honest, I never heard of Rippln, but what I find interesting is that other popular apps use this type of technology and Rippln has sparked a huge interest in folks around the world. Interesting.

  7. I didn’t know that facebook can be so versatile in terms of using game apps. I don’t really know much about games apps whether it’s on a cell phone or on face book because I not really not so much of a game head. Anyway thanks for a very interested article.

  8. This is also the first time that I have heard of RippIn. While it sounds like an interesting concept and likely to take off with all the gamers out there, I have to agree with you that it would be nice to know what the incentives are.

  9. Never ever heard of this APP before, this was very informative, it makes me want to read more about it…had no idea games like Angry Bird does that to common people such as myself.

  10. Very interesting post. It's fair and unbiased but how will it take people down that have only excepted a free invitation.

  11. I believe that the secrecy of what Rippin does is the reason it is so popular and will be the key to it's successful future.

  12. This is the first time ever I found such a transparent and cool mobile review. Rippln is just great for the mobile games and strongly recommend for all.

  13. Very ready to learn about this ripplin. Do tell us more!

  14. This app sounds remarkable, I think I will go try it out. Thank you for the detailed review on this!

  15. I have not heard of Rippin, but after reading this article I am going to give it a try.

  16. I am along with a lot of others here. I hadn't heard of RippIn before this article but now I am curious. I am not a huge gamer, however, at least not on my smartphone or on Facebook, so I don't know how it'd be lucrative for me, but I can see how the idea could help those who already play those games!

    • I felt the same way, but it is very helpful for people like me!

  17. This was the first time I heard of the term rippin. I was the same as Brian Durham whom had never heard of the term until reading this article. Now that I am aware of Rippin it has me interested in learning more about it.

  18. After reading the review, I am definitely going to try Rippin! It seems like a promising online marketing tool.

  19. What a great review, I think I will give rippIn a try now. It sounds really easy to use, Thanks!

  20. Well I do see the advantages of doing this with game apps, but only people that really play them seem to benefit.

  21. Great. Very true review. Please people get your soon.

  22. Free opportunities don't really get you ahead in this business to me.

  23. Thanks for the interesting review – I hadn't heard of Rippln before I read your post. Typically I'm not an early adopter but I may have to look at this… using games as incentive for an action may be a good idea as long as people don't just want the freebie.

  24. Very interesting post. It's fair and unbiased but how will it take people down that have only excepted a free invitation?

    • It sounds legitimate, but not useful for everyone. I do not have a mobile device and I do not play games.

  25. Hi nice accurate review. However your said sitting safely on the sideline. Considering it only free until 27th march would it not be worth getting your people I now so there is no cost to them

    • I understand where you are coming from Jason but I don't see that as being very productive. I have learned over the years that FOCUS + ACTION is what makes a business grow. If I jumped on every free opportunity and told everyone else I knew to do the same, then I would be living on the streets. We spend a lot of our time teaching our team to focus on one thing at at time – that is how we have been able to get such fast, and sustainable results.

    • nice thanks, I agree and appreciate your reply..

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