Power Lead System Review – What You Don’t Know

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Power Lead SystemPower Lead System is a new marketing system that is growing exponentially.  It has literally exploded across the internet.  However, this bring up many questions that need to be answered, like:

- What is it?

- Why is it getting so popular so fast?

- What don’t you know about Power Lead System that has not come to the surface yet?

With any new program, like this – whether it is new to the entire marketplace or just new to you – it is always healthy to be a bit skeptical.  You should alway do your research first.  This Power Lead System review will answer the questions above and many more so that you can make the best decision for you after you.

A very good place to start with any program is with their own marketing materials.  You then need to weigh their claims against what the rest of the marketplace is say.  If you have not already seen it, here is the Power Lead System promotional video (the Power Lead System review continues below it):


After I first saw the Power Lead System video, I was very intrigued. The platform has some very powerful marketing tools that bigtime marketers use, but most people just don’t have access to or simply cannot afford.

The lead capture system, sales funnel builder, email marketing, text marketing, voice marketing, website tools and training modules are things I have invested about $30,000 in developing for my teams in other businesses.

Tools like this do not come cheap due to the heavy technology issues and 100s of many hours they take to build. Now they are absolutely necessary if you want to really scale your business.

Power Lead System DashboardAnd that is why I got so excited about the Power Lead System product. It makes powerful professional-grade marketing tools available to everyone.

The tools are top-of-the-line and also very affordable for just about everyone. I like the product line for these reasons:

  • Needed by customers – Home and online business owners need them
  • Convenient for customers – Power Lead System consolidates all of these tools into one place
  • Saves time and money for customers – Having everything easy to access saves customers time and money when running their business
  • Proven products – This specific tool suite is already being used by some of the biggest players in the industry, this launch just repackages a great product and makes it accessible to the mass market

The other thing that really caught my eye is their compensation plan. If you are not familiar with 100% compensation plans structures, then you really need to get to know them. They are extremely profitable when they are back by a solid product.

Here’s why: Most network marketing pay out tiny commissions for every sale you make. With such tiny commissions, it becomes almost impossible for new business owners to make any money very fast.

Power Lead System Compensation Plan

With 100% commissions, you can make big fat chunks of money with every sale. So when you start getting only a few sales, you can make $100s or $1000s very quickly.

Now here is the questions that always arises: If the company pays out 100% commissions on every sale, where do they make money?

Well they typically charge a reseller fee of $20 to $30 per month if you want to access to 100% commissions compensation plan. Power Lead System is reseller fee is $23.97 which is completely reasonable and inline with other companies that have similar comp plans.

Believe me, when you have 100% commissions rolling in all day, you really won’t mind paying $24 to access it.

Yes some people do not like this, but the reality is that 95% of network marketing companies charge monthly or annual fees to stay active in the business. You are a business owner and $24 a month is a very minimal expense to have access to such generous commissions. Quite frankly, the people that get hung up on having to invest money to start a business will not make it in this industry, or as a business owner.

Now I am not saying that you should just spend money on random fees or not understand where you are investing your money, but to some extent it DOES take money to make money. You just have to understand how you make that money back when you invest it. With the reseller fee, it is very obvious how you make your money back and you can do it very quickly.

But what is the Power Lead System lacking?

Well, as with any business, there is always room for improvement. The main thing that you need to really be successful is the right team.

Having the right team is the MOST important thing you can find – its more important than the company or the product. You want to be on a solid, growing team with experienced leadership.

Most teams simply do not provide you with the tools you need for success. Sure Power Lead System gives you the basic standard tools to market the business, but everyone has them.

When everyone is working with the same standard websites and marketing tools, there is no way to stand out. You are just another person offering the same thing as the next guy.

But when you are on the right team, they will give you access to tools specifically developed for their team only. This gives you a HUGE competitive advantage.

Here are some things you should get access to before you join any team:

  • Videos to help presell the business
  • Sales funnels that are customizable to you or at least unique to the team
  • A private training center for team members only so you learn how to market your business
  • Private marketing tools for team members

Another thing you need to be aware of is that most people who fail in businesses like this do so for one reason – they don’t know or can’t get any traffic.

Traffic is everything. Its what brings you leads and brings you sales. Without it, you will not have any success, not matter how hard you try.

Power Lead System does NOT include traffic. Yes they give you great tools and software, but traffic is left up to you.

That is exactly why we run regular traffic co-ops for your team. You get instant access to the same traffic I use and the other leaders on our team do to build their business.

You have found the right team with the right custom tools and the traffic you need for success with Power Lead System. And we want you to join us. We have created a short video to introduce our team to you. It will explain more about who we are, what we do, and why we are so successful at it.

You will also get free access to the tools we use everyday to build teams of 100s of members.

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Eric is a catalyst for online business success. He provides strategies, knowledge and platforms that get results in weeks, instead of months or years. His primary focus is to enable and empower other business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their business and build a better life.

Power Lead System Review – What You Don’t Know
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  5. Nice review Eric, have you joined the new Fcaebook community? This a really cool product :)

  6. This is a very interesting explanation of the Power Lead System. Using the Power Lead System you can create capture pages without having any knowledge of php.

  7. This program has tools that are needed by every existing business person. To have any type of success you must have an effective marketing plan, this package seems to have that & more!

  8. power lead system is awesome.. Im under eric and starting to kill it!!

  9. Yeah this is really good to see because the power leads system is very useful and have more beneficiary for earner. I found this site is benefit to all who want have earning in time with profit. Like this sorts of website where i can earn more and have fun time with my family good one thank you.

  10. Power Leads System is very similar to My Lead System Pro. Big difference here though, is that with MLSP you need to dish out $150 p/month to get all the bells and whistles.

  11. That would be perfect for what I would like to do! I've been looking for a good tutorial on sales funnels and lead generation, but haven't found one that suits my needs. The Power Lead System makes perfect sense!

  12. So, as I understand your marketing, if I sign up for PLS I will be in your downline and thus, have access to additional training tools as well as those I’ll need to generate traffic? Without traffic I will not be able to succeed. I’m new to the online sales game. I have a a new network marketing company and need traffic to build my team. Will joining you help me?

  13. Power Lead System offers the best comp plan with a twist. It is an internet marketing Swiss Army knife.

  14. Almost against my will, I'm having to study online marketing–even though I find my own interest in such is far above many of my friends! But what really seems most interesting is this "sales funnel"–but most important is what the article calls the Right Team. This seems to me a major problem, at least in what I'm trying to do–getting reliable people to HELP in the marketing end. Traffic is indeed all important and getting folks to help me achieve that traffic remains vital. Wish I could afford to invest in this product further!

  15. Great marketing tool and the idea of a training center is what I liked the most!

  16. That would be perfect for what I would like to do! I've been looking for a good tutorial on sales funnels and lead generation, but haven't found one that suits my needs. The Power Lead System makes perfect sense!

  17. Power Lead system is like the gateway to online marketing business.But the difference to other networking business is that they have result.And real people are here.

  18. I’m very excited about Power Lead System and thankful for this review. You get the ability to create stunning capture pages, great online marketing training, killer traffic sources, and 100% Twisted Commissions on top. Anyone would be a fool not to take part of it.

  19. You Should be ashamed of yourself using this to promote an EN pitch

  20. What an amazing marketing tool. I'm gonna be using this in marketing my business online.

  21. Looks like a $53 auto responder with a few me too tools, where you still have to go get traffic to drive to your pls website. What's new here? I give it 6 months to a year.

    • Are you serious? How can you say 6 months? The company has been around since 1997 with this system and it is the most needed system on the net right now. Power Lead System rocks, game over.http://www.powerleadsystemhowto.com/

  22. Man this is awesome content, I love and appreciate PLS myself. Well done Eric!

  23. I am regular visitor, how are you everybody? This article posted at this site is in fact nice.

  24. Do you know when the launch is?

  25. Power Leads System seem like a great marketing tool. I'm glad I found this article because I am actually looking for marketing tools for my website. I'm going to look more in to it, thanks.

  26. Power Lead System is seriously badass. I have high hopes for this system and the growth of my business.

  27. Nice, count me in. I am wondering what kinds of leads they are going to provide more than anything. Wondering how this will compare to the evergrowing E.N., as people are looking at it as a copycat. But hey… if something’s working, why change? haha. I know I’m jumping in now so I won’t be the one to find out late how good it might’ve been.

  28. This is about the dream of every marketer. Optimize Press and the likes will be forgotten in a bit. This is taking the internet by storm!

  29. This is about the dream of every marketer. Optimize Press and the likes will be forgotten in a bit. Power lead system is taking the net by storm.

  30. I love The Power Lead System. This system is sweeping the internet with a shockwave. Waiting to see what is brings!

  31. The Power Lead system sounds great, especially because they allow the use of professional marketing tools.

  32. This review is one of informative and useful to me.Power Lead System is looked like an excellent way for business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their business. I really like the tools and 100% commission they provided.

  33. This blog post about the power lead system is extremely insightful and being from the United Kingdom I know that this marketing system can be of great use for me in order to get better results online.

  34. A fast track way of getting in money quicker than micropayments – a small subscription fee with 100% commissions sounds like a much better way.

  35. This looks like a pretty good way to earn some money online, plus I love all the tools they provide you with to help you succeed. But the real bonus is in the 100% commission, there aren't too many companies around that offer that.

  36. I would really like to get started with this because I have been looking to have my own online business and they have 100% compensation plan structures and they seem like they are very reliable this is definitely for me!

  37. Amazing information. No systems gives you this type of assistance to be successful. I love that they have Videos to help presell the business. I am really interested.

  38. I like how you said they have 100% compensation plans structures. With most work at home businesses scamming others you never know what's reliable or not out there.

  39. This looks like a great marketing tool and I like the idea of a training center.

  40. This looks like a great marketing tool and I like the idea of a training center.

  41. Great system Eric


  43. I agree that the 24/mo access fee is reasonable given the prospect of 100% commission profitability.

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