Online Business Opportunities for Women

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Business Opportunities for Women

Women, especially mothers, have mostly benefited from the home based work trend. The schedule flexibility it offers to parents is a huge factor in its widespread adoption. It’s difficult to put a price on the improvements gained in the work-life balance of remote workers.

Network marketing, affiliate marketing, and freelancing are the most popular choices for online business opportunities for women. In the marketing arena, no gender really dominates. It depends a lot on the product that’s being sold. The Freelance business is where a woman can definitely come out on top.

Generally, online work is gender neutral. There shouldn’t be a job that only one gender can do to the exclusion of the other. However, in practice this is not the case. Several jobs are much more suited for women to handle.

The best business opportunities for women tend to have women as the primary target customers or audience. This is very apparent in online jobs. We’ll be concentrating more on jobs where female freelancers have the edge.

Here are a few examples:

1. Freelance Writer Article & E-book

Think Stephanie Meyer. You could be the next best-selling novelist. Online publishing can be your ticket to a book deal. With enough talent and perseverance you can earn a good income by writing e-books. Article writing for blogs and content marketing sites are can be a pretty good money earner too.

Female writers have a significant advantage as they can write on more subjects than a male writer can.  They can do science, tech, current events as well as fashion. Some topics like take technology are generally gender blind while women’s fashion may challenge a male writer more than his female counterpart in terms of credibility.

2. Voice over artist

There’s nothing more pleasant than a female voice. Whether for a podcast, instructional video or a phone tree directory, a pleasant female voice helps improve the overall experience. If you have an exceptionally clear sounding voice and diction, this maybe something you can specialize on and earn money from.

3. Video presenter

There’s also a ready market for talented female presenters. The web has long been touted as the entertainment and information hub of the future. It’s already moving in that direction with video on demand and video sharing sites. Enterprising markets have long used video sharing sites to show off products and present offers.

A sufficiently talented female presenter will often make a video more watchable. This opens up the market for determined video presenters who can hire themselves out to online video producers

4. Voice Customer Support

This is more of an extension of the traditional job that is usually filled up by women in the offline environment. People usually expect a female voice when they call up customer support. They tend to sound more sympathetic and this is a big help when dealing with difficult customers.

Finished for the Day

You can build your own freelance team of remote customer support specialists and go on from there. There is a demand online but quite often the pay is low or commission based. Try to focus on more complex contracts to get better pay. It’s not easy at the start but once you’ve established your reputation, you can count on repeat business from satisfied clients.

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Online Business Opportunities for Women
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