Modern Online Etiquette – Communicating on Social Media [Infographic]

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Modern Online Etiquette - Communicating on Social Media

The emergence of social media has made communication to be more engaging and interactive. With social media you can do a lot starting from marketing yourself to being the channel of communication of various happenings. While having freedom to pass the message though, there are some online etiquette you must not breach. The following therefore highlights some of the social media and online etiquette you should always uphold.

It is important for you to give correct information about yourself and your company. For instance your profile picture and what your business is all about should be correct. This will raise your credibility and trust among your target audiences.
give only the truth

Social media allow you to pass the message to a global audience. For you to be that trusted channel that people can rely for the information, you need to give only the truth. If you will be known to give true information, you will probably have a lot of fans.
accept everyone’s views

Social media and online etiquette requires you to respect everyone’s views. This is because social media houses global audience which is composed of different kinds of people. Because of this the views are bound to be different; therefore be that person who accommodates every view.
never use the social site to propagate hatred

Social media is a powerful tool just as the traditional media. Because of this, you need to use it to bring the positive change other than hatred. Therefore, your messages should aim at promoting peace, international integration and understanding between parties.

Social media and online etiquette gives you a rough guideline on how you can communicate to online audience without irritating anyone. When you operate above these minimum ethical requirements, you will gain credibility and trust among people.

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Modern Online Etiquette – Communicating on Social Media [Infographic]
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  1. Social media has quickly become it's own "dialect" of the English language. Being able to communicate clearly and effectively in this medium is so important in this day and age. This article is a great guide to becoming proficient in communicating on these various forms of social media. Being relatively new to Twitter, I found those tips to be especially helpful.

    • social media is a desaster for any language and for communication itself… it pretends to be communication, but isn't.

  2. Good tips, manners don't cost a thing.And as Karma sees all, youbest be careful about how you handle yourself…computers or not!

  3. You would be surprised how many people throw all etiquette out the window when communicating online. I will definitely share this list with my friends!

    • It's true, so many people just blast at you in ALL CAPS, so annoying. Definitely need to share the info in this article.

  4. Great post! Nice reminder that we're people on the other end of that facebook or twitter account…so be polite! Common sense!

  5. Great post! Nice reminder that we're people on the other end of that facebook or twitter account…so be polite! Common sense!

  6. This would have been perfect except for All The Capital Letters.

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