MLM Internet marketing Best Practices

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MLM internet Marketing

There are some tried and true practices that can help you get an edge in your mlm internet marketing efforts. I’ve observed a few of them being used effectively by veteran marketers.  I try to make sure I implement these recommendations in my MLM internet marketing efforts too.

Here are some of the best practices employed by successful online marketers:

Best Practices with your Network.

  • Create relationships. The best way to do this is to help people out. Be generous with your time and attention but keep it in focus. Once you’ve established a genuine connection then it’s time to tell them of your offer.
  • Don’t pitch or sell your MLM internet marketing plan. OFFER opportunities for people to earn.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate, then communicate some more.
  • Always be ready to try out new technology. Even if you don’t see any potential in it, posting your opinion and review on any new technology will be appreciated by a lot of people. You are saving them time and effort.
  • Stay relevant and updated. Provide updates and links to content that your followers will care about.  Establish your credibility by being a source of useful information.
  • If you need to follow someone’s lead, try to improve on their initial efforts. It’s not enough to copy their formula outright. You need to adapt it to your situation and fine tune it.
  • Respond in real time. If that isn’t possible, respond in a timely manner. Never make your followers wait for your reply especially when they’re showing interest in your offer.
  • This one is the easiest to remember but can be hard to enforce: Don’t Spam your List/Network/Fan Page.


Best Practices with your Sales Team.

  • Your Team is your biggest asset. They enable you to handle more sales than you can on your own. Take care of them. Their success as a cohesive team depends significantly on its leader, YOU.
  • Take advantage of new technology to keep in touch with your followers and your team.  Make sure you’re using it for two-way communication. There’s nothing worse than missing potential sales because you didn’t respond to a query.
  • Try to stay on the same page with your team. Let them in on your plans and try to delegate some of the tasks that can be done by a team member.  You can’t grow your business if you remain a one-man show.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate, then communicate some more. This really bears repeating.
  • As a Role Model for your team, share with them the best practices you have for MLM internet marketing.  Walk the walk and Talk the talk as they say.
  • Remember that you want each of your team members to become accomplished leaders on their own. That is your ultimate goal and their success will benefit you too.


Best Practices with your Marketing Initiatives.

  • Specialize in one channel of advertising but work on other methods too. If you’re successful with your content marketing efforts, don’t neglect your other options like social media marketing. It would actually be better if you implement a plan that capitalizes on the strengths of both.
  • Set aside funds for Advertising. If you’re earning well it doesn’t mean you don’t need advertising.
  • Track the results of your efforts. Manage your campaigns as strictly as you can and don’t let waste accumulate. If a component of or the campaign itself is unproductive, be ready to revise it.
  • Network with other marketers. If you’re new, try to find an effective mentor.

You will likely come up with your own best practices that work.  If you do, remember to share it with your team or your followers. Knowledge shared never diminishes its value, but actually increases its worth.


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MLM Internet marketing Best Practices
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