MLM Business Software Tools You Need to Master

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MLM business software

If you’re planning to join or have signed up for an online MLM business, here are a couple of critical software tools you’ll need to build it up:


A mailing list is a critical component of any online marketing business. Whether you’re doing MLM, affiliate or retail, a responsive mailing list can provide you with a steady stream of income.

An auto responder software or online service enables you to build up your list and broadcast your message to the list members. Mastering its intricacies will help you build your list much faster.

Building a list is no easy task. A genuinely interested subscriber is hard to come by. Even if you have plenty of traffic coming your way, it’s no guarantee that one of them will opt-in.  This is why you need to have an auto responder that has the features that help you reach out effectively to members and potential subscribers.

Keyword Analysis Tools

This tool gives you a summary of the most searched for topics on a specific search engine.

People go online to search for information on things that interest them or are relevant to their needs. These searches are tracked by whatever search engine they use and with the right tools you can gather useful information from these records.

You can narrow down which keywords and topics people are searching for often. You can then use those words and topics in your blog posts, videos and articles.  This will help you get into the search results page for these keywords.

Google has a free to use keyword analysis tool that provides you with the global and local search activity for a specific keyword. It also shows you the result for other related terms. It’s basically a gold mine of information for people who want to market to a specific niche.

There are also paid software packages that provide more extensive keyword information. These can be a good investment especially if you use blogs as your primary traffic capture method.

Blogging Platform

There a several competing platforms in the current online environment. Although, WordPress tends to be the more commonly used because of the sheer amount of themes and plug-ins available.

Ideally, you should have enough knowledge to manage and configure your own blog. Even though there are free platforms and templates available, you want to be able to customize your own site.

There’s a huge benefit to customization. If you look at other marketer’s sites online, you will notice that a lot of them look alike with the same basic layout and font. This is because they’re using the template provided by either their hosting site or MLM Company. You need to stand out from the crowd to be noticed and knowing how to customize your site gives you this capability.

The JayCut online video editorVideo Presentation software

Videos have become indispensable in today’s highly competitive online business environment. They allow you to relay your message to potential customers in a very detailed manner.

Video editing is a useful skill but production value isn’t really as important as the content. Once you’re done recording, you just need to polish it up a bit so you can prepare it for upload.

There is another class of video software tools that allow you to convert presentation files into video. You can also combine straight video with your presentation and convert it to a format that can be uploaded to video sharing sites. This can really help you produce more informative material in an easily accessible format.

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MLM Business Software Tools You Need to Master
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