Improve Your Online Earnings Using Solo Ads

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What are Solo Ads?

Solo Ads are a service that you can purchase from an owner of a mailing list. He will send an email on your behalf with an offer and link to your chosen page. Cost is usually based on the number of guaranteed clicks or subscribers on the list. It can become quite expensive to do Solo Ads so its best used when you have an effective landing page and compelling product.

Since solo ads are shared through an active mailing list, there is a higher chance that you can get actual subscribers from the same list. It’s all up to you to make sure you can entice them to sign up to your own list.

Solo Ads are great when you’re just starting out with your campaign or building your own mailing list. You really need guaranteed traffic to give your campaign the exposure it needs and solo ads can give you that critical push.

Here’s a  rough guide and list of tips on how to take advantage of solo ads:

  1. Find a solo ads provider. Send him the target URL and ad copy you want to be sent out to his list.
  2. There are established Solo Ads providers available online and there are also sites where you can see a list of providers.
  3. Choose the provider whose list is composed of people who are in your target niche. You will get a better response rate this way compared to using lists that cover wide topics.
  4. The target URL sends people to your own website or sales page where they can join your mailing list or buy a product.
  5. You’ll need to create an incentive for users to sign up to your own list. This can be anything from a free report, video or product promos.
  6. You can get some quick sales from people who sign up by offering them a special “one time” offer that they can only purchase after they sign up.
  7. Try to vary your offers each time you send a new ad. You can also use other providers to see which has a more responsive list.

It is important to remember that people sign up to your list because they will have the impression that you have something unique to offer. Try to offer special deals or share great content to keep your list engaged.

Running Solo ads is one of the best marketing methods I’ve used. I was able to build a decent list of people from my target niche. Since my primary niche is social media marketing, I usually get a significant number of list members interested in my social media campaign support services.

improve your online earnings

Always remember: once you’ve built a sizable list you should continue to nurture and grow it with new solo ads campaigns. Try to limit the amount of times you post in a week. You don’t want to send to emails too often and end up getting tagged as spam. Don’t waste the money you’ve invested to build your list by giving them reasons to leave it.

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Improve Your Online Earnings Using Solo Ads
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