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According to latest numbers from oDesk, demand for Academic Writing skills has grown consistently in last several months. This growing demand paves the way for a lot of freelancers with writing and research skills to get a decent well-paying contract.  However, finding the right writing job is not a straightforward process.

I’m hoping this short guide and explanation will become useful for those who are just starting out in freelance writing. So let’s proceed to the meat of the matter:

The Requirements

For starters, you’ll need a good head for writing.  A professional looking and sounding output is ideal. If you have experience writing in a friendly yet knowledgeable fashion, expect good offers to come your way.

Choose a preferred writing topic. Read up and review on it as much as you can.

Reliability is a key requirement. You must be able to meet and beat deadlines. Your reputation is based on both your skills and your ability to consistently produce results.

Equipment doesn’t need to be fancy or high end. Word processors don’t need premium processing power. However, a reliable connection is a must. You need consistent access to information online for your writing and also to deliver your work on time.

Start Checking Jobs sites

Don’t rely on just one freelancer site; check all of the legitimate ones. You can start with freelancer, oDesk,, and These sites usually have features that allow you to search and filter the jobs posted.

Complete the necessary registration and confirmation procedures. Payment method is very important so make sure you have a way to get the money you were paid. Ideally, you should complete all the preliminary registration steps before you start bidding on jobs.

Choosing the Right Jobs to bid on

Look for clients that have existing track records and feedback. Be especially careful with those who have new profiles and have no confirmed payment methods.

Apply to each project that you believe you can complete. Use up all your allotted number of applications. Some sites limit the number of jobs you can bid on and charge you a fee if you want to go beyond the limit.

You can choose to stick to jobs that are in your primary field of interest. There are also writing jobs that don’t really require an in depth knowledge of a subject. They just need to generate as much content around a certain set of key words. These are good jobs to start with but unfortunately the pay is usually lower too.

Hanging tough

A few things to remember

Competition is high and low balling is rampant. Don’t fall into a trap and start thinking you won’t get the job you want. You need to stick it out so that you can position yourself in the niche that you can thrive in.

Some sites offer work after you pay them to train you. Avoid these unless you really need to learn more about how to work as a writer online.

If you’re just starting out, make sure that you have other sources of income. Don’t quit your job until you’ve build enough online reputation to ensure that you can get a steady stream of projects.

Again, hang in there and don’t settle for low paying low quality jobs.

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Get an Online Work from Home Writing & Research Job
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