Free Online Tools for Your Work at Home Business System (Part I)

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There are several tools available for people who are running business from home. All of them are quite useful and saves you time to focus on more important aspects of your business.

I’ve chopped this post into manageable chunks so that its easier to absorb. I’ll publish the rest of the article in the next few days.

The tools that I’ve included on this list are useful for both traditional businesses and online businesses that are run from home.

FolderBack office Tools

Google Documents – The whole suite of google docs programs, email and calendar, not to mention email, are all usable by your business. If you want to get enhanced features like your own email domain,  you can purchase a business account.  You don’t need to install anything, just get a browser (preferably Chrome), register an account and you’re ready to start setting up your backoffice.

Dropbox – file sharing application. Share documents, spreadsheets and graphics files easily with your team. This is quite useful if you’re not going the Google apps route.
Blogging Platform.

Blogging Platform

WordPress -  This the most popular blogging platform out there right now. You will want to setup your site on this platform. There is an extensive amount of themes and plug-ins available. You can make your site as professional looking or as personal as you want it to be.

Weebly – An excellent option if you need to build a website in a hurry. To use its full potential, you need to get the premium package.

Blogger – is a free blogging platform from Google. Their main draw is an easy to use interface, analytics setup, and embedding of apps.

Communication tools

at home business systemEmai l- Gmail’s the first choice here, especially if you’re using Google docs. These web applications are meant to work seamlessly. There are a host of other email solutions available. Yahoo mail is a great alternative, but if you’re going to use Google docs use Gmail.

Voip – Skype is the most popular platform, however there are several other solutions that may work better for you. It all depends on the budget and the amount of work you need to do over the phone.

Video Conferencing tool – The premium version of Skype can be used for  video conferencing but several other applications can also do the same. Your choice of video conferencing tool should be based on how smoothly it can host a conference with your team.

Chat programs- For quick messaging needs between team members, chat programs like yahoo messenger, Google chat and Skype are a must.

Live Meeting Software – The most popular free solution is again from Google: Google+ Hangouts will allow you to run an online meeting with your team or contractors. Teamviewer also offers this feature and its free if you’re not using it for commercial purposes.

This list isn’t as exhaustive. There are a ton of tools available for your work at home business system. If you need solutions for more specialized tasks,  you will have to shell out some cash, but there’s always cheaper or value packed alternatives available.

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Free Online Tools for Your Work at Home Business System (Part I)
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