Checking out the Arbonne Business Opportunity

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Arbonne Business Opportunity

Arbonne is a Swiss company founded in 1975 by Petter Morck. They specialize in personal skin care and wellness products that use mainly botanical ingredients.

They started US operations in 1980 and set up their headquarters in Irvine, California. After their success in the US, they expanded to other countries and are currently present in Australia, Canada and the UK.

Aside from guaranteeing that they use purely botanical ingredients, they also follow a strict policy regarding ingredients. They have made it company policy to disclose all the ingredients used in their products. This gives them an edge with buyers who wouldn’t usually trust products sold by direct sellers.

Their products are marketed via direct selling to consumers. However, they’ve included a tiered commission plan for their independent consultants. This marketing strategy is also known as Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing.

An Arbonne Independent consultant can earn a significant amount from overrides and commissions from the sales generated by their recruits.  There are also several incentives and bonuses for consistent top performers.

Unique Products

Products are developed at the Arbonne Institute of Research and Development. These products are certified and adhere to vegan standards. They also maintain a strict Purity and Safety Ingredient Policy for all products they manufacture.

Their products are only available through their network. Consumers can purchase them from any of their independent consultants. Aside from skin care they have other product categories like:

-          Bath & Body

-          Hair Care

-          Sun Protection

-          Cosmetics

-          Fragrance

-          Nutrition

One of their main selling points is that their products are made of purely botanical ingredients. These products meet all the standards needed to qualify as a completely vegan product. They have a reputation of being all natural and safe to use.

All Arbonne products are rigorously tested to comply with major US and European food and drug regulatory agencies. The products are sold only when they’ve been tested and approved.

Since these products are used daily and used up at regular intervals, repeat sales are a definite possibility. As long as the product quality doesn’t change and customers get what they expect, they will probably buy the product continuously. This repeat business is the primary income generator for Arbonne and their consultants.

AlpsThe Arbonne Business Opportunity

People who are interested in building up a business marketing Arbonne products have the advantage of selling products for an established company. Product and Sales support are also extended to their partners.

Their compensation program is called SuccessPlan.  People who’ve signed up for it start as Independent Consultants. Rising up the ranks requires that a consultant and his team hit certain sales targets consistently.

There are three ways for an independent consultant to earn when they sign up for Arbonne’s compensation plan:

1.            Profit from retail of the products. Consultants get their products at a discount. They can then resell at recommended prices.

2.            Overrides, Bonuses and Commissions based on the consultant’s sales and the sales of their downlines.

3.            Commissions paid on product sales to “preferred clients”. These are regular customers who have signed up for Arbonne’s loyalty program.

The compensation plan really takes off once you’ve built a team. Having several consistent downline consultants will generate more sales and qualify you for more benefits.

Here are the possible earnings and benefits a Consultant can get from the Arbonne Business Opportunity:

  • 35% profit on your personal retail sales
  • 15% Preferred Client Commission on all sales to your Preferred Clients
  • Your income increases as you promote yourself through the Arbonne SuccessPlan
  • No need to carry inventory — Arbonne ships directly to your Preferred Clients and Clients
  • Convenient online shopping and credit card processing for you and your Client orders
  • Unlimited territories — Independent Consultants may sponsor and sell in any country Arbonne operates
  • Jewelry, trips, cash bonuses and more as recognition for your success
  • Management programs, including life insurance
  • Arbonne Vice President participation in the Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus Program

(excerpt from the Arbonne Opportunity Brochure)

Arbonne is pretty straightforward when it comes to the potential earnings of their consultants. They stress that the projected earnings of each consultant depends heavily upon the individual’s skills and personal effort.

The more time a consultant puts in to marketing and selling the Arbonne business opportunity, the higher the expected return. Any consultant can spend as much time as they want – it can be a full time or a part time job.

Arbonne Business Opportunity Challenges

The potential major challenge for Arbonne entrepreneurs is probably the high saturation of companies in the Health and Wellness market.  There is plenty of competition from established brands in this niche, both from regular skin care and direct selling companies.

There are already several other established direct selling companies in this niche. Anyone who wants to be a consultant will need to make sure that they’re emphasizing the uniqueness and the value of the product.

Direct selling is straightforward, but recruiting can be a major stumbling block. Building a downline will take a huge effort as

DSA (US) Logo

Here’s our summary on the Arbonne Business Opportunity:

-          It’s an established company, operating for over 30 years and present in 4 countries: US, Australia, UK and Canada

-          They sell proprietary products that use only botanical ingredients. These are developed at the Arbonne Institute of Research and Development. All products comply with the strict guidelines of major government food and drug agencies.

-          All products are distributed exclusively through their network of independent consultants

-          Interested individuals can take advantage of the Arbonne business opportunity as Independent Consultants and become part of their marketing network.

-          Their compensation plan for Independent Consultants allows them to earn from the direct sales of products, and the sales of the people they’ve recruited in to the marketing network.

-          Arbonne’s primary market is highly competitive and has several well established companies offering similar products. An independent consultant should be well versed in the products their selling and build on the uniqueness of their offerings.

- They are a member of the Direct Selling Association and comply with the DSA code of Ethics for direct sales companies.

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Checking out the Arbonne Business Opportunity
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  1. I've been a consultant with arbonne for almost a year now and I love it especially the products. It's the best decision I've made in my life

  2. I really this product that is worth the money! I recommend everyone to check it out!

  3. It seems like Arbonne offers a reasonably good profit margin on sales with the 35% you mention.

  4. It seems like Arbonne offers a reasonably good profit margin on sales with the 35% you mention.

  5. This is a very good product and I like how they use only botanical ingredients. It is definitely worth the money.

  6. This is a very good product and I like how they use only botanical ingredients. It is definitely worth the money.

  7. Natural skin treatment is 100% side effect free. But most people don't trust in those products available in the market. In that case, this company is different. They made a policy to express their products ingredients so that customers can easily be trusted. Besides, it is one of the oldest company over the globe & serving people since 1975.

  8. I’ve heard mixed opinions on Arbonne and this isn’t surprising at all because most MLM companies have their supporters and their haters. In my opinion they are worth a try. From what I’ve heard and seen you can make a good living by selling their products. It does take a lot of work in the beginning but that’s the case with everything in life, right?

  9. Fantastic and concise article that's direct amd esy to understand. Presentation on Arbonne is excellent. The fact that products are organic/botanical sets them apart from the rest of the saturated market.

  10. Arbonne Business Opportunity is really great for me. This company provide unique product. So we worth the investment. This company pay 35% commission for personal retail sales and 15% commission for Preferred Client. So it is very profetable for me.

  11. This is a really good product and is worth the investment.

  12. Knowing about a product that is 100% natural is a relief for me. Not only that they provide safe products for consumers but also provide a way for people to earn money through commission. I would love to try the products and recommend to my family and friends. Way to go Arbonne!

  13. Great information about a company that I never heard of before this article. The whole fact that they adhere to the vegan standards was something that sold me to this company. I have alot of vegan friends and this companies products sound like great sellers to them. Thanks for the great information I will be sure to look into this company and their products more.

  14. This is very informative and beneficial site. I really loved it. This site is helpful for people who use natural products.

  15. It is 100% natural product. This product is very helpful for skin. This company offer great job for me. Because i need a works. This company offer 35% commission for retail sale. It is great opportunity for me.

  16. think I might check them out, see if I can get started on this business, thanks for the great info!

  17. This seems like a potentially good money-maker for someone who knows how to sell. I agree that the “high concentration” of companies in the niche would be a challenge, but the fact that the products are all botanical and follow vegan standards gives them an edge.

  18. well this article is very informative, what i want to know is about the detailed marketing techniques that we can do so that we can earn money from this.

  19. I like the idea of selling health and beauty products but I wonder how much the Arbonne line overlaps with products already being sold by Avon. There would have to be something about them that really sets them apart as I know Avon clients are very loyal.

  20. I’ve been looking for ways to make money as I am a stay at home dad. This seems like a great company. High quality products and 35 % profit on your personal retail sales. I’m really gonna look into this.

  21. I’ve also been looking at a number of these companies for generating income. From your review, I gather that Arbonne seems to run on the same model as many others. I have to look more deeply into their product line.

  22. Now this is a job I could definitely try out. It kind of sounds a little bit like Avon, the selling from home part. I also like the idea the product is all natural and all of the ingredients are on the label. I think I might check them out, see if I can get started on this business, thanks for the great info!

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